A Full Range of Music Services

Music Lessons Program

  1. The Academy offers a variety of music lessons.  We currently offer the following lessons:  Piano, Drums, Violin, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Trumpet, and Vocal.
  2. Private lessons are taught for one half hour per week in one of our six studios.  We do take requests for longer lesson times and can be arranged if the teacher’s schedule permits.
  3. All lessons are currently $35.00 per half hour, ranging from $140.00 to $175.00 per month.  Lesson Tuition is paid on a monthly basis on the first lesson day of each month.  A Music Lesson Contract must be filled out before lessons begin and there is a one-time $10.00 registration fee.
  4. There is a 10% discount for three or more students per immediate family if they are simultaneously taking lessons.

Guitar & Bass Maintenance and Repairs

  1. Repairs on Acoustic, Electric, and Classical Guitars.
  2. Mandolin and Ukulele Repairs.
  3. Bass Guitar Repairs on both Electric and Acoustic.
  4. Services available are ;
    1. Neck Hydration,
    2. Deep Cleaning,
    3. Tuning to include Intonation,
    4. String Replacement,
    5. Standard Setup,
    6. Complex Setup,
    7. Neck Adjustment,
    8. Saddle Adjustment or Replacement,
    9. Bridge Adjustment, Replacement and Repair,
    10. Nut Adjustment, Replacement and Repair,
    11. Bridge Pin Removal and Replacement.,
    12. Tuning Machine Head(s) Repair or Replacement,
    13. Body Crack Repair,
    14. Electric Pickup Replacement or Repair,
    15. Electronic Circuit Repair or Replacement,
    16. Strap Button/Peg Installation
    17. Level, Crown & Polish Frets.

Woodwind & Brass Maintenance and Repairs

  1. Repairs and Maintenance on Brass Instruments to include:
    1. Trumpet,
    2. Cornet,
    3. Flugelhorn,
    4. French Horn,
    5. Euphonium,
    6. Eb/Alto/Tenor Horn,
    7. Baritone Horn,
    8. Trombones (slide & valve),
    9. Tubas,
    10. Sousaphones
    11. other Specialty Horns.
  2. Repairs and Maintenance on
    1. Bb/Alto/Bass Clarinet,
    2. Flute,
    3. Piccolo,
    4. Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Baritone Saxophone,
    5. Oboe

Music Recording and Production

  1. Full-service Music/Audio Recording using current state of the art hardware, software, digital interface hardware, microphones and other recording support equipment.  End product can be in different formats (i.e. Compact Disk (CD)) or standard audio format files (i.e. MP3, MP4, AAC, WAV, FLAC, etc.)
  2. Full-service Music Production to include multitrack layering, editing.  Music Mastering Production using one or more of the following:
    1. Vocal Effects,
    2. DeEss Vocals,
    3. Create Punchy Sub Bass,
    4. Dynamic EQ,
    5. Limiter Plugins,
    6. Vocal Chain,
    7. Vocal Presets,
    8. Subtractive EQ,
    9. Parallel Compression,
    10. Logic Pro X Stock,
    11. etc.